What We Do

What We Do?


With rising labour costs, increased employee turnover and technology changing rapidly, does it make sense open up a customer service assistance operation?


We understand how much time, energy, space and money it takes to provide a consistently high standard of customer, we also know many businesses can’t afford to devote large amounts of their resources to achieving this


We are here to support you in not only meeting this challenge but to exceeding it. We communicate with your channel hopping customers and provide quick and precise responses so your customers are satisfied with their association with your company.


With our state of art channels in messaging and chat support we can help you achieve more by being able to respond to customer mails and chats saving you so much more in terms of customer support staffs.


We also provide you Technical Assistance in terms of coding and editing and a whole lot of technical support where you will be provided support staffs to help you in maintaining your website, stock and other technical aspects.


We help you in your online marketing and social networking exposure with our trained agents that can help you respond to each and every message from your social networking and marketing platforms.


Save over (poundsign)12000! a year with our exclusive packages


Zero Liability!  You need not worry about Labour Laws, Taxes, Overheads, HR, Insurance, etc.



Our Customer Service Team works 24/7 Monday to Sunday


Free Urban seller worth of £89 with the package

How it works?


With our unified, Omni-channel engagement with all your sales platforms we interact with all your customers from our partner UrbanSeller which provides you access to all your customer mails from various platforms be it eBay, Amazon, or your direct website to one platform so you can access your mails anytime without hassle


Our Experienced team includes people with over a decade of experience in customer care and our staffs have a minimum experience of at least 2 years into customer service in various sectors.


Use UrbanSeller effectively to manage your business.

You can signup for an UrbanSeller Account to add to the privacy making you the admin of your account and can make sub accounts to manag your platforms (eBAY, Amazon, or your direct Website.) you can chose what our team can view eg: mails, process order details, services, Product details etc. Your UrbanSeller account provides you a variety of services that can help you in developing your business and to manage your company effectively.


Partnered with OUTSOURCELIVECHAT we provide you free account and chat integrations and support you with prompt 24/7 chat support for all your customers who wish to have a quick word with you. So you don’t lose your business during office hours or after.


Partnered with POSTINGSCHEDULE we can provide you exclusive social media support all integrated to one platform where you can view all your social media messages and comments in one place.


We also provide you professional computer application outsourced staff for your coding and website and other backend process that help you run your business smooth and so you can focus on growth of your business.


Our Experienced team includes people with over a decade of experience in customer care and our staffs have a minimum experience of at least 2 years into customer service in various sectors. And certified professionals in computer applications


Your data is protected and secure. You decide what we see and what we do for you.

Signup Process

Your Benefits


Cuts your Cost


Improve your Operations 


Develop your Business


Benefits of having an UrbanSeller Account.


Faster customer support

✔ Fully synced platform

✔  Customizable templates and macros

✔ Auto Translation

✔ Auto Response


Overall team performance

✔ Daily, weekly, monthly reports.

✔ Number of tickets handled - ticket per user, ticket per label.

✔ Be on schedule – average response time.


Ticket management

✔Customers take it personally, why wouldn't you? Get the right person to answer the customer query the best way possible.

✔Take advantage of the assign ticket function.


Team notes

✔Exchange internal information, within your customer support team.

✔Prioritize, personalize, collaborate easier.


Multi-agent support

✔To deal with customer queries can be a real struggle, ask for help - tag a co-worker.

✔Work together, resolve the situation.


Collision detection

✔Be informed if a team member had already opened a customer message.

✔Prevent working twice on the same ticket.


Folders and filters

✔Create unique folders for your business. Apply certain criteria to filter to get to your customers faster.

✔Powerful, yet easy way to identify what is important.


Rules and labels

✔Set up your own rules and identify labels and prioritize.

✔Focus on the core of your business – customer service.

Access control

✔Urban Seller allows you to give permission or set limits to the data access of your team.

✔Set roles – manage better.


Keep your passwords safe

✔With Urban Seller you will have all your marketplaces accounts in one synced view.

✔One password – one platform.


We provide qualified associates for the following roles:


·Accounts Payable Specialist

·AccountsReceivable Specialist

·Amazon Brand Reputation Specialist

·Amazon Customer Support Agent

·Amazon Product Lister

·Amazon Operations Assosicate

·Amazon Sponsored Products Specialist


·Brand Reputation Specialist

·Business Development

·Community (Forum) Moderator

·Content Moderation


·Customer Support Agent

·Data Entry Specialist

·Digital Marketer

·eBay Brand Reputation Specialist

·eBay Customer Support Agent

·eBay Product Lister

·eBay Operations Associate

·Email Marketing Specialist

·Excel Expert

·Graphic Designer

·Inventory Data Entry Specialist

·IT Specialist

·Lead Generation Specialist

·Marketplace Brand Reputation Specialist

·Marketplace Customer Support Agent

·Marketplace Manager

·Network Administrator

·Online Marketplace Associate

·Order Processor

·Personal Assistance

·Photo Editor


·Purchasing Specialist

·Research Specialist

·Sales Assosicate

·Sales Executive

·SEO Specialist

·Social Media Specialist

·Technical Support Agent


·Video Editor

·Virtual Assistant

·Web Developer

Case Study



UK-based Bicycle Accessories Company wanted to cut down on customer support costs on their ecommerce platform + increase sales by responding to mails and messages on time



We assigned 3 agents who would maintain to manage their Amazon, eBay, and Direct website customer cases, mails, and queries. The entire support system was delegated to 3 of our support agents.



Sales went up 42% and overall customer satisfaction was improved. Customers received instant answers through email and received quick resolutions which converted into more sales for their products.


Detailed Results: Retail-Outsource actively maintained support for the Bicycle Accessories Company. We handle about 150 communications per day, live chat for pre-sale questions and for post-sale questions, email support, cases and escalations.  Since we have taken over support from the previous in-house employees for the Bicycle Accessories brand, sales have steadily grown and there has been more repeat customer business.

The Bicycle Accessories company previously had a team of 3 doing the same work but only during business hours. Since we understand that business happens all day and all night, we kept our agents working one per 8-hour shift. This gave the brand a 24-hour, 7 day a week, 365 days a year coverage for their customers. Not only did this mean 3x amount of time for support, but we were able to do a more effective job than the previous in-house employees and were able to do it for a fifth of the cost that the Bicycle Accessories company was paying their in-house employees.