Customer Support Services especially for eBay, Amazon, and Website sellers





✔ We focus on helping you deliver enhanced customer service experience across multiple channels while reducing support costs simultaneously.



✔   Partnered with Urban Seller, we provide you secure and free urban seller account for unified mail response systems so you can view all your customer related mails from various platforms like eBay, Amazon or your website in one single secure window.



✔ All staffs are outsourced and will be working 24/7 Monday to Sunday. Experienced in their specific domains.


✔  Our chat experts are experienced in handling multiple chats as per flow and will be working 24/7 in a secured Partnered chat platform provided within our packages



✔ We provide professional support with qualified employees in computer Applications such as C++ java, and various computer languages.



No contracts!                             No credit card details!


Flexible 14 day trials!


Free Urban seller Account worth of £89 !!!

Who we are?


We are a UK based business process outsourcing company headquartered in London.

We have been in the Industry of Customer Service support for over 5 years

Our prices are highly competitive and you can save 80% of your cost to customer service

The offshore staff who work on your projects are experts in their field, with qualifications ranging from professional certification, university degree and master's degree

We help clients to improve their brand by building highly successful inbound customer service teams to support their products and services.

More than 75% of inbound interactions are complaints or concerns. it is when complains and concerns go unnoticed, customers switch to competitors. Unnoticed customer issues and concerns put the standard and image of your brand at risk, they also hamper customer experience and ultimately your business. We ensure your customer mails and concerns are handled affectively and timely.


Our Goal


Our goal is to ensure quality customer service in a secure platform for a lesser price for small and medium businesses and removing the fear of outsourcing so small and medium businesses can grow to its full potiential.

We’ve been helping clients to improve their brand by providing quality customer service support their products and services. exceeding client expectations. This helps you in alloting more time to the growth of your business  making it even more profitable. 

Our Mission


We are dedicated professionals focussed to provide Quality customer service and back-office services to our clients as an extension of their businesses, providing value, integrity, and expertise.

Our Specialities 

✔ Free Urban seller worth of £89 with the package

No Contracts 

Free UrbanSeller  Account

24/7 Mail Monitoring

Secure Platform

No Credit Card Details 

Flexible 14 days Trial

What We Do?


With rising labour costs, increased employee turnover and technology changing rapidly, does it make sense to build your own contact centre operation?   


We understand how much time, energy, space and money it takes to provide a consistently high standard of customer, we also know many businesses can’t afford to devote large amounts of their resources to achieving this


We are here to support our clients in not only meeting this challenge but to exceeding it. We communicate with your channel hopping customers and provide quick and precise responses so your customers are satisfied with their association with your company.


Our Process


With our unified, Omni-channel engagement with all your sales platforms we interact with all your customers from our partner Urban Seller. Which provides you access to all your customer mails from various platforms be it eBay, Amazon, or your direct website to one platform so you can access your mails anytime without hassle

Our Experienced team includes people with over a decade in the industry and our staffs has minimum experience of at least 2 years into customer service in various sectors.


UrbanSeller is a Secure platform to unify all your business communication, stock checking, manage sales/purchase orders and much more to help simplify your business transactions. you can unify all your correspondences from various platforms like eBay, Amazon, or other websites to a single channel where it can be easily responded to without wasting time on login in to various accounts. 


    Your data is protected and secure. You decide what we see and what we do for you.


                                            No Hidden Charges or Start up charges.

Pricing Packages



Our prices are the best of the best prices available in the market. 


Message Packages

Includes cases, queries and messages


Bronze M Package

500 Messages per Month

£150.00 /Month*


Silver M Package

1500 messages per month

£250.00 /Month*


Gold M Package

3000 Messages per month

£450.00 /Month*






*only 30p/message if the limit is exceeded


Chat Packages

Bronze C Package

50 Unique Chat Interactions per Month

£50.00 /Month*


Silver C Package

150 Unique Chat Interactions per Month

£140.00 /Month*


Gold C Package

300 Unique Chat Interactions per Month

£250.00 /Month*







*only 80p/Unique Chat Interaction if the limit is exceeded

Exclusive Packages

Bronze X Package

 a package of 3000 customer care emails,

exclusive agent for technical support

(coding, Web support,  stock, managing) etc.

£500.00 /Month*


Silver X Package

 24/7 customer care (mails/chats/messages on social media)

exclusive agents  for your backend process assistance

including coding, language, and other application assistance

£750.00 /Month*


Gold X Package

24/7 customer interactions

(mails, chats, messages on social media)

Promotions and marketing exclusive

Computer engineers for backend process assistance.

for all kind of technical support

£990.00 /Month*